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Alex Young - Hell or High Water (2nd Recording Engineer)
Alex Young - Might Just Catch Your Eye (2nd Recording Engineer)
Alex Young - Piazzale Sunset (2nd Recording Engineer)
Alistair Testo - Heart On Fire (2nd Recording Engineer)

Alpaca Factory - Face Of God (Mixing Assistant/2nd Recording Engineer)
Aye - Understanding (Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer
Before Breakfast - Brush My Hair (2nd Recording Engineer)
Before Breakfast - I'm A Good Friend (2nd Recording Engineer)
Bessie Deakin - Extended In Space (2nd Recording Engineer)
Bessie Deakin - Lady Red (2nd Recording Engineer)
Bloom - Cinderella (Lead Engineer/Mixing Engineer)
Bloom - Lovers Abattoir (Lead Engineer/Mixing Engineer)
Bloom - Tiffany (Lead Engineer/Mixing Engineer)

Burt Fraser - In The Laughing Trees (2nd Recording Engineer)
Dan Soder - Not Special (Album) (Songwriter)
Guerilla Digital Productions Film Score (Producer/Recording & Mixing Engineer/Songwriter)
Hotel - The Middle (Lead Recording Engineer)
Hurts - Instead (Mixing Assistant/2nd Recording Engineer)
K.M. Sullivan - Music Collection (Producer/Songwriter)
Kun D - Dumbledore Shores (Lead Engineer/Mixing Engineer)
Kurokuma - Rats (Lead Engineer)

Lauren Sabina - What If You Fly (Mixing Assistant)
Lindsay Dragan
- Slow Your Stroll (Producer/Mixing Engineer)
Machine Dreams - Beat Collective EP (Co-Producer/Mixing Engineer)
Miss Gabby Hayes - Bare (Songwriter)
Miss Gabby Hayes - Last Train to Memphis (Songwriter)

Misty River - Rain (Mixing Assistant)
Natural Stranger - Black Chameleon (Mixing Engineer)
Natural Stranger - Reflections EP (Co-producer/Songwriter)
Natural Stranger - Sometimes Always Leads To Never LP (Co-producer/Songwriter)
Natural Stranger - Summer So Far EP (Co-producer/Songwriter)
Natural Stranger - Talk About Our Demons As If They Were Friends EP (Co-producer/Songwriter)
Nylon - Joker (Mixing Engineer)
Srikhush Allu - T
he Ship (Lead Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer)
Symhatree - Mindlight (Mixing Assistant)

Teah Lewis - Good Thing (let me ride along) (2nd Recording Engineer)
Teah Lewis - Magnolia (2nd Recording Engineer)
The Attic Movement - Petrichor (Mixing Assistant)
The Disaster Party - Nauseated (Recording Engineer drums)
The Shakes - Broken Rainbow (Lead Recording Engineer)
The Skakes - Fake Reality (Lead Recording Engineer

The Shakes - Take Me Away (Lead Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer)
Will Purdue - Mother Nature (2nd Recording Engineer)

W.F. Severs - Hollywood (2nd Recording Engineer)
W.F. Severs - Keeping On (Lead Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer)


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