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Meet Kevin, the multi-talented audio engineer and musician hailing from Sheffield, UK. His journey in the world of music began at the young age of nine when he first picked up the saxophone, followed by mastering the guitar a few years later. Throughout the years, Kevin's passion for music has led him to wear many hats - from being a skilled guitarist in numerous bands to sharing his expertise as a guitar teacher and session player in the vibrant city of New York.

As Kevin delved deeper into the world of music, the allure of recording sessions captivated his curiosity, setting him on a path to become a seasoned recording engineer. Pursuing his education at SAE in London, he honed his skills and expertise, driven by an unwavering love for all genres of music. Kevin's unique abilities shine brightest in working with acoustic, rock, indie rock, reggae, and hip-hop music.

As a recording artist and engineer, Kevin's portfolio boasts an impressive array of accomplishments, including contributing to film scores, television programs, and commercials. He has collaborated with various bands and artists, leaving his mark on the music scenes both in the United States and the United Kingdom. With an unwavering passion for music and a penchant for perfection, Kevin continues to create captivating sounds that resonate with the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.



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